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Survivors' Corner

Advocacy and Support Groups - Survivors' Corner in Louisville

Advocacy and Support Groups - Survivors' Corner in Louisville

Advocacy and Support Groups - Survivors' Corner in LouisvilleAdvocacy and Support Groups - Survivors' Corner in Louisville

Other Services and Initiatives

Trainings and Seminars

Interested in educating your employees, colleagues, or church members on difficult topics, such as the dangers of child marriage and impact of sexual abuse and exploitation?  Our trainings and seminars focus on compassion for the victim and building community awareness and prevention.  

Additionally, we have added a workshop for those interested in Survivor Leadership.  The workshop focuses on assisting survivors with developing leadership skills to effectively collaborate with others through methods that are right for them.  Message us for more details. 

Youth Centric Education

Children, teens and young adults can be vulnerable to exploitation and victimization.  We offer public speaking sessions dedicated to reaching teens and young adults to help prevent sexual exploitation through education of grooming and other forms of manipulation perpetrators use when targeting a victim.    


Did you know child marriage still occurs in the United States through parental consent?  In many of these cases, the minor is married to a person significantly older than them and oftentimes this results in occurrences of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  Join us as we advocate for improved legislation that will put an end to the exploitation and abuse through marriage.   

Inspirational Talks

Stories that inspire us encourage us to build a stronger and more compassionate community.  When survivors know they are not alone and can relate to another's experience, they heal on a deeper level.  Contact us to request a speaker attend your next event or group gathering.  

Break abusive cycles

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