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Survivors' Corner

Advocacy and Support Groups - Survivors' Corner in Louisville

Advocacy and Support Groups - Survivors' Corner in Louisville

Advocacy and Support Groups - Survivors' Corner in LouisvilleAdvocacy and Support Groups - Survivors' Corner in Louisville

You Can Help Stop Child Marriage in the U.S.

Your Support Helps Us Create Change

With the support of many advocates and victims' rights centric partners, we successfully spearheaded Senate Bill 48, which put an end to children marrying through parental consent in the state of Kentucky. Since this legislation was passed, Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia, and Florida have adopted similar legislation to our bill.  Now- we are mobilizing other states to take action in the fight against child marriage in the United States.  

Our mission is three-fold:  

1- Educate middle and high school aged children on healthy relationships, what grooming consists of, and provide resources should they find themselves in need of help. 

2- Connect with other survivors of underage, forced, and/or coerced marriages to form a supportive network and give survivors the opportunity to share their unique journeys. 

3- Change the existing laws that allow underage marriage to occur, therefore removing the legal means through marriage perpetrators are currently able to hide behind to exploit victims.  

Education is Power

Did you catch us on A&E?  Our founder was featured along with other brave survivors in an episode of "I Was a Child Bride - The Untold Story".  You can watch now by purchasing the video on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R64C9N6

You will find several other links below to media interviews our founder has contributed to.  These interviews provide a clear view into the current legal loopholes that allow children to wed and the not commonly considered harmful implications of child marriage to the underage party and even generations to come.  Take a moment to read the articles, listen to the audio recordings, and watch the videos.  Then, refer a friend or colleague to the material to help spread the knowledge.    

Stop the Cycle of Poverty and Exploitation

Through voices such as yours, we can make a difference in the lives of those who are vulnerable to exploitation through underage, forced, and/or coerced marriage.  Message us to find out how you can get involved in the campaign and make a difference in your communities!